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Oaked Plum Spirit

40% Alc.Vol. / 700ml


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Kosher Certified
100% Blue Damson Plum


Fruit: 100% Blue Damson Plum Fruit
Harvest: 2018
Bottles per Batch: 1375
Fruit Origin: Szatmar County in the Carpathian Lowlands


Full and clean virgin fragrance of natural Plum Fruit with no additional Sugar or aromas added. Finished with High Tatra Mountain Oak.

Kosher Certified

 The fact that Jozsef Stevlik is Produced continuously under the strict supervision of the Badatz Kosher Department in Jerusalem, we can track every single step or ingredient which is obtained inside Jozsef Stevlik Plum Spirit. 

100% Blue Damson Plum

Every Plum Fruit is collected from Local Plum Trees in the Region of Szatmar and is Geographically protected. That means no collected Plums from outside the Region or outside the European Union. 


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