A New Taste Of
Premium Kosher Liquor

Jozsef Stevlik is the only Tree Fruit Liquor specialty in the world certified with the highest Kosher ranking from “The Badatz”. 

A New Taste Of
Premium Kosher Liquor

Jozsef Stevlik is the only Tree Fruit Liquor specialty in the world certified with the highest Kosher ranking from “The Badatz”. A heritage of craftsmanship based on recipes of five generations.

Kosher Certified
100% Tree Fruit

Kosher Certfied

B.D.Z. EDA CHAREDITH Orthodox Council of Jerusalem Kashrut Department

Zupnik Buildings 26 A Strauss Street. P.O.B., 5006 Jerusalem, E. Israel

Tel.: 00972 2 6700 200

The Orthodox Council of Jerusalem Kashrut Department, B.D.Z. EDA CHAREDITH, is renowned worldwide for its rigorous and uncompromising observance of Kosher standards. These Kosher standards date back more than 3000 years, encrypted in the Torah, also known from the Old Testament as the five books of Moses, reflecting the divine law and the covenant code revealed to Moses in the desert at Mount Sinai.
Each step of Kosher approval is thorough, obeying written guidelines of purification, units of measurements and ethical codes. This strict process and high-quality assurance carried out by the Head of Inspection, Rabbi David Weiss and Moshe Moskovits from the first Badatz Kosher Swiss chocolate division, gives our Slivovitz the honor to qualify as the first Badatz Kosher Hungarian plum spirit division.
Every tank is sealed with the initials of the Kosher Organization and can only be opened by the authorized Rabbi. If any tank is opened without the presence of the Rabbi, the plum mash will be disqualified and defined as “Not Kosher”. The risk of failure, in any stage of the production cycle, stimulates the strong focus of achievement through every team member involved, generating one of the finest premium plum spirits available on the market.

Mix your favorite
Kosher Liquor

Please ensure to be in a safe environment when you drink. Thank you

Viennese Prater
A beautiful fresh cocktail ideal for a private homeparty. Use fresh mint, Jozsef Stevlik Virgin Plum, brown sugar, zesty lime and cooling soda water. Enjoy!
Pressburg Shuttle
A fabulous choice of cocktail always suitable for a short stay. Use Jozsef Stevlik Oaked Apple, rose Vermouth and Aperol. Garnish with a wedge of pink Grapefruit and a basil leaf to serve.
Budapest Express
If you are a Cola lover this cocktail is definitely for you. Mix Cola Sirup with High Tatra Mountain Soda Water on top of an Ice Cube Block and add Jozsef Stevlik Roasted Plum. Serve with lime.

100% Tree Fruits

Yes, our Spirit is truly made of 100% fresh fruits collected from flowering trees in the Carpathian lowlands. No sugar or artificial flavor is added, and only the finest fruits are selected to enter the bottle of Jozsef Stevlik.

Taste the flavour of the Carpathians





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Frequently Asked Questions

Everybody is asking what is Kosher?

We have created for you some Quick Learn Question / Answer scenario which will give you pretty much of an Idea what this Kosher Hype is all about.

No, also Vegetarians and Aware Consumers are preferring Kosher approved Products. More than 80% of all kosher food consumers in the USA are Non-Jewish.

You don’t need to consume Kosher, but many Global Products such as Coca Cola, Jack Daniels or Smirnoff are Kosher Certified anyways to enter the Jewish Market.

Meat / Dairy / Pareve (Everything apart of Meat and Dairy)

That depends on the view of the Consumer himself and the level of Kosher standards he wants to apply on the product. Most of time Ultra-Orthodox Consumers have higher standards on Kosher than secular Jewish.

This has to do with the Jewish Dietary Law which provides guidelines to which and how goods shall be consumed by any observant Jew.

They are inherited in the Torah defined as the 5 Books of Moses. In the Christianity Term these books are part of the Old Testament.

They have been given to Moses at Mount Sinai by G”D around 3300 years ago after he liberated the Jewish Nation from Egypt and the Imprisonment of the Pharaoh. You may know this story from many Hollywood Movies and cartoons.

The Kosher Standards are defined through the Jewish Religion following strict measures on how to achieve Kosher Standards. The Kosher Standards itself are but mostly of practical nature which concerns the cleanliness, source or ethical background of a product before it is approved for consumption.

To get approval for Kosher Certification by any Kosher Organization, the production or processing of goods must accomplish certain criteria to pas Kosher Standards before any Jewish person will consume the Goods. Therefore, if a product is approved to be safe or fit for consumption for a Jewish person, the Non-Jewish Person will enjoy the high certainty and privilege to trust the product, too. 

Clean, Pure and Fit for Consumption translated from the Hebrew Word Kasher.

No, the Kosher procedure contains proper steps of cleaning and control of Production which is supervised by a professional Rabbi working for the Kosher Organization which has been ordered for the Kosher Certification of given Product. The blessing by a Priest is mainly a ritual act supported by symbolism and has no interference with the Status or supervision of the Product itself.

Yes, they are many different Kosher Organizations whereas the “OU” Orthodox Union Kosher Division of USA is the world’s largest kosher certification agency. The B.D.Z. Eda Charedith Kashrut Department of Jerusalem is known as the world’s strictest organization and very hard to get, which makes it the most accepted and trusted Kosher Supervision among the Ultra-Orthodox Community.

If you consider quality from the point of cleaning, source tracking and controlling, the Kosher aspect delivers a high premium quality level to the product.

The sensory perception of a product doesn’t have anything directly to do with the Kosher Status, but more with the tradition and culture in which way a product or food is consumed.

Most of the Traditional Jewish Yiddish Cuisine in the USA is inherited from Central and Eastern Europe. Therefore, you cannot assume that a Kosher Product will taste better or worse than a Non-Kosher Product as taste and smell is more related to the recipe and ingredients of the product instead of the Kosher procedure itself.

The Kosher Authorities do not regulate how a Product or Spirit has to be produced from the Traditional point of view. This means there is no regulation e.g. if a spirit has to be double distilled in copper pot stills and how long a fruit has to be fermented. All regulations about the character of spirit and its authenticity are solely determined by the Distillery and the government of the country in which the spirit is distilled. Several government authorities forbids that any Carpathian fruit spirit contains additional sugar or aromas and the Kosher authorities regulate that only full unprocessed fruits will enter the fermentation process. Both authority regulations provide therefore a high level of guarantee in the production of tree fruit spirits.

The Kosher Authorities do not regulate if a spirit has certain ABV strength or in which types of bottles the Spirit can be sold or what has to be written on the Label. The only concern about the Label is that certain non-ethical symbols cannot be placed on the label when the Kosher stamp is presented.

The main factors about Kosher Fruit Mash is the Ingredients and Cleaning (Kosherizing). The Kosher Authorities only accepts fresh picked full fruits before being processed, this gives the Rabbi the certainty nothing else was mixed into the Fruit Mash. This provides double security for the consumer that no sugar or aromas has been added to the Fruit Mash as it is forbidden by the Government and plus the Rabbi would need to approve the ingredients and this will be only if the Sugar or Aroma Product will have a Kosher approval, too. In this case, the consumer has the certainty that Fruits are picked Regionally as they have to be fresh to be Kosher approved. The cleaning procedure of the Fermentation Tanks and Destoning Equipment is executed with 100 degrees Celsius (212 Fahrenheit) boiling water coming from a Kärcher High Pressure Waterjet.

The Term Kosher is regulated by the Jewish Dietary Law in concern for the well being of the Jewish Nation and therefore the proper way of nourishment. Nevertheless, the Term Kosher does not concentrate on the aspect if certain Food & Beverage Categories are in the fashion of a healthy lifestyle such as the consumption of Coca-Cola, Burgers or Fries which you can find in Kosher Fast Food Chains like Mc Donald’s in Buenos Aires, Argentina.